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Solid Plastic Dip Pipes, Spargers and Steam Jets - PTFE, PVDF, PPL

Our FLUOR-O-FLO® solid plastic dip tubes, spargers and steam jets, available in PTFE, PVDF and Polypropylene, give you the ultimate in corrosion resistance, at continuous service temperatures up to 500°F (260°C). In many applications they will last longer and are less costly than lined steel, or exotic metal units. We offer standard and custom sizes and configurations to fit your needs. For units in agitated service please see the information on our PTFE Lined & Jacketed Steel units.

Bent units are available plain, or with stainless steel or Monel™ inserts at the elbow. See our catalog link below for the wide range of pipe and tubing sizes we offer. Remember if you don’t see it listed, just ask!

Sales Bulletin
Product Specifications (Under Construction)

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