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FLUOR-O-FLO® Strainers - PTFE and PVDF (Kynar®)

Our FLUOR-O-FLO® fluoroplastic strainers are well suited for use in removing suspended or waste solids from extremely corrosive or high-purity fluid streams. They help prevent damage to sensitive downstream process components such as pumps, valves, instruments, and spray nozzles. When compared with PVC, CPVC, or polypropylene units, their all fluoroplastic construction provides superior corrosion resistance, as well as a higher operating temperature range.

Screw caps (Y-Strainers) and screw tops (Basket Strainers) allow easy strainer cartridge removal and cleanout. Drain-plugs allow drainage of residual liquids before cartridge removal. FEP encapsulated o-rings seats prevent blow-by and external leakage. For maximum installation flexibility, a wide range of mesh screens and connections are available in our standard product lines. We also welcome special orders if you have unusual requirements. Click here for some examples of our custom fabricated strainers.


For the Basket and Y-Strainers, we normally stock the subassemblies and can assemble units to your specifications in a short lead time.

Micromold’s FLUOR-O-FLO® PVDF (Kynar®) and PTFE Y-Strainers are a lower cost and more flexible solution when the higher capacity of a basket strainer is not needed. Installation can be vertical or horizontal and, like our basket strainers, they are designed for years of trouble-free operation in the harshest environments.  PVDF units are available in pipe sizes up to 4”, PTFE units up to 3". In addition to the standard flanged, NPT, Tri-Clamp and metric for both PTFE and PVDF units or, IPS socket- or butt-weld connections for PVDF units only, we can provide virtually any connection (True-Union, etc.) on special order.

The high capacity of our FLUOR-O-FLO® PTFE and PVDF Basket Strainers allows you to maximize up-time by stretching the time between clean-outs. Our elegantly simple design and robust construction ensure years of trouble-free service. The slant-head PTFE cartridge minimizes head-loss. And, the easily removable cartridge can be serviced in a matter of minutes.Both PTFE and PVDF units are available in pipe sizes up to 3”. Standard connections in PTFE include NPT, Tri-Clamp and Flanged. PVDF units are also available with socket- or butt-weld connections in both metric and IPS sizes. Other connections such as True-Union are available.

Standard ETFE screens are available in mesh sizes ranging from 51 to 11 mesh (300 to 1,800 microns). Standard PEEK screens available in mesh sizes ranging from 400 to 65 (12 to 155 microns). Other mesh sizes and types available on special order.

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