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Herbert J. Kander, a chemist from Heidelberg, Germany, emigrated to the US after World War II and founded Micromold Products in 1954. The first factory was located at 11 Centre Place, Yonkers (an address that no longer appears to exist). That being the era of telephone exchange names, the company phone number listed on sales and marketing materials was YOnkers 9-2850. While we now have a 914 area code, 969-2850 is still our phone number!

This may have been our first product brochure.


Micromold was one of the earliest processors of PTFE resins and fabricators of PTFE products. PTFE gaskets and seals were some of our earliest products and remain part of our product line today.

An early meeting initiative by Micromold Products was a listing in “Heating and Ventilating”. It features a 6-page folder issued by Micromold Products listing the properties of DuPont's Teflon and its applications. Standard shapes of Teflon as well as specials are included. Also attached is a handy inquiry sheet.


Micromold outgrew its Centre Place location and moves to 1 School Street, Yonkers.


From our beginnings Micromold was both a manufacturer of standard catalog products like our gaskets and seals and a company dedicated to solving unique customer challenges. Herbie took to calling those requests “highly special” and it became something of a rallying call for his team to deliver a “highly special” order. To this day Micromold continues to take pride in our ability to leverage our extensive knowledge of the materials we work with and the industries we serve in order to meet the “highly special” needs of our customers.


Micromold again outgrew its facility and moved to 660 Saw Mill River Road, Yonkers, a 3,600 sq.ft. facility.


Early engineering drawings [Pull additional details about the drawings for the description]


In June of 1982 Arthur Lukach and Daniel Headington acquired Micromold from the estate of Herbert Kander.


Micromold introduced MICROFLON™ modified PTFE resin, becoming one of the earliest processors of such resins. MICROFLON™ provides reduced plastic deformation under load (creep) in a virgin (non-filled) material and improved weldability.


Micromold introduced the FLUOR-O-FLO® PTFE NPT Piping System for use in processes that require extreme corrosion resistance, high purity and/or high temperature capability.

Micromold introduced the FLUOR-O-FLO® line of Dip Pipes and Spargers, the first in the industry to offer standard units that fit large nozzles without the need for reducing flanges.

Micromold introduced the FLUOR-O-FLO® line of Nozzle Liners offering protection of glass-lined vessels in a wide array of standard and custom sizes including the option of full-face units.


Micromold outgrew its Saw Mill River Road location and moves to 200 Corporate Boulevard South, a 6,000 sq.ft. facility


Micromold introduced the FLUOR-O-FLO® line of PTFE Lined Steel Spectacle Line-Blinds featuring a flexible design and manufacturing process enabling the flexibility to easily provide non-standard sizes and features.


Micromold began manufacturing custom designed tanks and vessels in PTFE and PVDF.


The domain was acquired.


Micromold has made things outside of our target markets on occasion. An example of a "highly special" project is in the article below that was listed in the Gannett Suburban Newspaper "Local News" section on July 12, 1995. Micromold made the top windows of Westchester County's surplus military helicopter shown in the article.


To accommodate continued growth Micromold added 2,300 sq.ft. to its facility at 200 Corporate Boulevard South.

Micromold introduces the FLUOR-O-FLO® line of Strainers, the first basket and y-strainers available in PTFE and PVDF enabling end-users to remove suspended or waste solids from extremely corrosive or high-purity fluid streams.


Daniel Headington retired from Micromold.


Micromold introduced the FLUOR-O-FLO® XPress PTFE Clamp-Joint Piping System, an ideal solution to drainage and other low pressure systems for difficult-to-handle fluids without the risk of mechanical breakage or cracking.


The website was relaunched featuring a complete catalog of the company product lines.


Micromold added downloadable CAD drawings to the website catalog. 3D models and 2D drawings of our FLUOR-O-FLO® line of PTFE pipe and fittings or PVDF and PTFE basket and y-strainers enable engineers and designers can "drop" the models right into their CAD drawings.


Arthur Lukach's son, Justin Lukach, became President of Micromold.


Micromold continued to expand and moved to its current 13,000 sq.ft. facility at 7 Odell Plaza, Yonkers.


Micromold published the PTFE Typical Properties Sheet providing a comprehensive reference for all of the essential properties associated with this unique material.


The FLUOR-O-FLO® line of PTFE Jacketed Thermowells was introduced. The THIN-TIP™ design enables quick response to fluid temperature changes. Available with either tantalum tip (patent # 9,091,599) or PTFE tip (patent # 9,354,121), the wells offer the ultimate resistance to highly corrosive fluids and are available in a flexible arrangement of configurations that meet an unusually wide range of process requirements.

teflon brochure


The launch of our redesigned website featuring more downloadable CAD models with all aspects of the site more easily accessible from phone or tablet.


The website was relaunched featuring a complete catalog of the company product lines.

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