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Our FLUOR-O-FLO® XPress PTFE Clamp-Joint Piping System* is an ideal solution to drainage and other low pressure systems for difficult-to-handle fluids, providing:

  • Safety

  • Flexibility

  • Extreme corrosion resistance

FLUOR-O-FLO® XPress Clamp-Joint Piping System - PTFE

The system includes pipe and fittings that are connected using coupling-clamps uniquely designed for PTFE joints*. They incorporate multiple o-ring seals designed to take advantage of the natural deformation (creep) of PTFE, eliminating the need to retighten joints. The joints are strong, reliable and leak tight.


The system is ideally suited for drainage applications in which highly aggressive fluids must be handled. These especially include laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry in which tough solvents and sometimes unpredicted fluid mixtures must be drained. Applications also include drain lines for concentrated acids and alkalis. The system is also well suited to other low-pressure process industry applications where the corrosion resistance and purity of PTFE are desirable.

*Refer to U.S. Patent Number 6,976,712

Click here for installation instruction videos.

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