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Electric Transmission & Distribution

Micromold Products has a more than thirty-year record of success working with major electric utility companies to develop a variety of standard-replacement and custom plastic products. The company designed and manufactures a number of plastic insulated connectors to replace obsolete or difficult to procure older models. We pioneered the use of nylon in these applications and it passed rigorous testing before approval. Subsequently, years of using these connectors in the field proved the material more than adequate in terms of dielectric strength, toughness and reliability.

The product lines, which began with heavy-duty switch lock-out devices, have grown to include a range of parts focusing on sub-station maintenance applications. These include:

  • Low and high voltage Ground and Test Probes for use in testing set-ups for a number of manufacturers' circuit breaker equipment

  • Twist-Lock Cable Connectors for specialized cabling featuring rapid, flexible and safe assembly for portable and mounted installations.

  • Durable Nylon Threaded Connectors to replace old-style Hessel rubber or other threaded connectors used in grounding or other high voltage applications.

Our Product Catalog contains detailed information on all our product lines, or, click the links above to go directly to a specific product line sub-section. If you need a product or replacement part not listed, please contact the factory. We actively seek new opportunities to expand our product lines and rely on your suggestions to initiate development.

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