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Nozzle Liners - PTFE

Our FLUOR-O-FLO® PTFE nozzle liners are used to protect nozzles of glass lined vessels. They prevent chipping from insertion and use of dip pipes, instrumentation, or dropped or mishandled tools. They can also reduce scaling and buildup of solids. Also use them to protect surfaces of other lined or unlined nozzles from corrosive fluids, abrasive slurries, or erosive high velocity streams.

Another application is the lining of bellows type expansion joints and flexible couplings to eliminate the erosion of convolutes and corners of flared ends, and also the caking and buildup of solids in the convolutes.

Check our tables of standard sizes. We also offer full-face units, and can make virtually any special size you need. Also available in PVDF and Polypropylene.

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