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We manufacture a wide variety of PTFE gaskets used to connect process piping worldwide. For over 65 years, Micromold has offered products to support this type of service, and has an unparalleled track record of manufacturing standard and specialty sealing devices for extremely corrosive and high temperature environments.


​We manufacture a wide range of PTFE gaskets, both envelope and solid styles.


We offer all standard styles, sizes and fillers, and are more than happy to do custom gaskets to your specifications. We manufacture envelope gaskets with a variety of standard fillers. There are both slit and machined styles, as well as solid virgin PTFE Class 150 or higher gaskets.

Our turn-around and delivery record is unparalleled in the specialty gasket business and our half century of experience with PTFE gasket manufacturing helps ensure your satisfaction with our quality products.

Browse our catalog and you’ll probably see what you need. But if you don’t see it listed, just ask!

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