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Blinds - PTFE Lined Steel or Solid PTFE, PVDF, PPL, CPVC

Our standard PTFE lined steel line-blinds fit between ANSI Class 150 flanges in 1/2" through 12" pipe sizes. With ring style construction and steel thickness corresponding to ANSI Class 150 flanges, installation is simplified. Standard construction utilizes A516 grade 70 steel and virgin PTFE liners.

Where lower system pressures permit, our solid plastic line-blinds are a more economical solution.

Our flexible manufacturing systems can just as easily create a non-standard part as a standard one, so feel free to request any unique combination of features you wish. ANSI Class 300 up to 2500 flange sizes, thicker or thinner than standard, material options such as stainless or Monel are simply not a problem. So, if you don't see it listed--just ask!

Sales Bulletin-Spec Blind
Product Specifications-Spec Blind

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