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Mar. 21, ’07, Yonkers, NY

Micromold Products, Inc., a manufacturer of engineered plastic products for fluid flow since 1950, offers a complete line of steel dip pipes and spargers, lined and jacketed with PTFE, to handle corrosive liquids in the chemical process, pharmaceutical and related industries.

Used to deliver or withdraw liquids or gases to and from reactor vessels, columns and storage tanks, these dip pipes and spargers out-perform stainless and other metals in corrosive and high temperature applications.

The company pioneered units that fit large nozzles without the need for reducing flanges. This results in applications with fewer joints, less headroom, and lower installed cost. Unlike most units available in the industry, the PTFE sealing faces of the flanges of Micromold dip pipes and spargers are machined to a uniform thickness and surface finish to ensure highest seal integrity. Most industry units employ flares that are highly stressed during formation, and which are often not uniform in thickness.

Micromold uses its proprietary design and manufacturing process to produce both double-flanged dip pipes and spargers as well as single-flanged and reducing-flanged units. The process often permits fast response to customers’ needs. In addition, Micromold offers curved units, which are difficult to obtain from other industry sources. Using this same technology, Micromold also offers injection nozzle and thermowell product lines, as well as other custom designed and manufactured lined steel products.

Micromold’s sparger is made using solid PTFE extensions that are fused to the PTFE liners and jackets. This design fits a broader range of applications because, unlike some other industry designs, the extensions are no larger in diameter than the PTFE jacket. The sparger design also avoids the need for use of a packing gland. The PTFE sparger tips can incorporate attachments such as elbows and other pipe fittings, spray-balls, eductors, or other special items.

The steel used in Micromold’s dip pipes is high quality Grade A106B seamless carbon steel pipe. For units subject to agitation, extra high strength Grade 1020 or 1026 DOM tubing is available as needed. Grade A105 forged steel flanges are standard. Stainless steel and other pipe materials are available as options.

Micromold also offers a complete line of dip [pipes and spargers in solid PTFE. These are commonly used where agitation is mild or where only short lengths are needed.

Where the application does not require the extreme chemical resistance of PTFE, Micromold provides dip pipes and spargers made of PVDF or polypropylene.

Micromold Products, Inc. manufactures a broad line of fluid flow equipment – including pipe, tube and fittings; spacers, flanges and gaskets; reaction vessel accessories; valves; strainers; and tanks -- in many high-performance plastics including PTFE, PVDF, PFA, FEP, polypropylene, PEEK, nylon, PCTFE and UHMW polyethylene. In business since 1950, the company sells worldwide, primarily through distributors.

Micromold Offers PTFE Lined and Jacketed Steel Dip Pipes and Spargers

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