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March 16, 2018, Yonkers, NY

We have been busy manufacturing 2", 4" and 6" PTFE reducing coupling clamps for use in a biotechnology company in California. The end-user contacted us for help with replacing some no-hub couplings in one of their building's industrial wastewater systems. The Viton™ o-rings were failing due to chemical incompatibility. Our solution is made from virgin PTFE with FEP encapsulated silicone rubber o-rings. The design ensures leak-tight joints between their Fuseal® pipe and the cast iron drainpipe. The end user found greater chemical resistance, significant lower cost and flexible installation time and is ordering more! 

The image provided is from a test the user conducted before they installed the clamps in the field.

Micromold helps connect Fuseal® pipe and cast iron drainpipe

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